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November 26, 2006

November 26, 2006 Weekly Bulletin

Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church SUNDAY, NOV 26:

Saint Nicholas Day Luncheon

The annual parish Saint Nicholas Day Luncheon will be held Sunday, December 10, following the Divine Liturgy. A “pot-luck” meal will be served, and there is a sign-up sheet posted in the hall for those who wish to attend. All are invited and welcome to celebrate this festal commemoration.

New Calendars

The 2007 Church calendars are available in the hall, courtesy of Total Electric and the Homick family.

ACRY Cookie Sale

The Sr. ACRY will have its annual Cookie Sale on Saturday, Dec. 2. FOR THOSE BAKING COOKIES, PLEASE BRING THEM TO THE CHURCH HALL NO LATER THAN 8:30 ON SATURDAY MORNING. Volunteers will also be needed to help on the day of the sale. Please see Sheila Hrapchak or Irene Dzubak for details.

Historic Meeting

Pope Benedict XVI will travel to Constantinople for a meeting with His All-Holiness, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew from November 28 to December 1. We also have a group going from our Diocese being led by Fr. Nectarios Trevino. Please keep this historic meeting in your prayers that it prove to be beneficial to the unity desired by the two Churches. Also pray for all those traveling and participating in this historic event.

Advent Fast

Tuesday, November 28 marks the beginning of the Advent Fast according to the “Old Calendar.”

Prayer List

Please keep in your prayers all those who are in need from our parish especially:

Les Miller Pañi Yvonne Lysack

Steve Sheftic Ivan Pop

Rudy Kormanik Anna Hrapchak

Jason Janowick Carol Miller

Lois Erhard Michael Buchko

Mary Ann Muchesko Mary Kesselak

John Kloss Alexandra Delare

The newly departed servant, Matthew Krizman (Father of Pani Elizabeth)

Pani’s father fell asleep in the Lord on Friday, and Funeral services will be held on Monday at the church in Schererville, IN. Fr. Miles and the children expect to return later this week, and Pani will remain in Indiana to help take care of the many details which follow.

The address of Pani Elizabeth’s family in Hammond, Indiana, for those of you wishing to send cards, is:

6631 Arizona Avenue, Hammond, IN 46323

November 14, 2006

Bulletin, September 24, 2006




Very Reverend Father Miles Paul Zdinak - (301) 299-5120, Hall & Fax - (301) 983-0847

September 24, 2006 “Gregorian” | September 11, 2006 “Julian”

15th Sunday After Pentecost: Galatians 6:11-18 | John 3:13-17

Services: September 25-30, Sundays: 10:00 a.m., Daily Liturgy:(as scheduled) 9 a.m., Eve of Feasts: 7 p.m.

Tuesday: Vesperal Liturgy for the Feast of the Elevation of the Life Giving Cross - 7:00 p.m.

Confessions can be heard on Sunday after the Divine Liturgy or prior to the Liturgy by appointment.

Fall Holiday Bake

The first baking date is next Saturday, September 30. Please volunteer today by signing the sheet on the bulletin board in the hall. If you have questions about what you can do or the time, talk to Rose Plowchin, the volunteer coordinator. There is something for everyone to do. The deadline to order baked items is October 15. Order forms are available in the hall.

Prayer List

Please keep in your prayers all those who are in

need from our parish especially:

Les Miller: Improved Health

Steve Sheftic: Healing

Rudy Kormanik: Healing & Recovery

Jason Janowick: Improved Health

Lois Erhard: Improved Health & Recovery

Elaine Buchko: Healing & Recovery

Mary Ann Muchesko: Healing & Recovery

Ivan Pop: Improved Health

Pañi Yvonne Lysack: Healing

Anna Hrapchak: Healing & Recovery

Carol Miller: Healing

Ronald Koval: Healing & Recovery

St. Thomas Holding Annual Yard Sale

Our deanery parish of Saint Thomas the Apostle in Waldorf, MD, will be holding its annual yard sale this Fall, on October 14 with the rain date of October 28. The sale benefits the parish building fund. Please consider donating your cast-offs again this year (but no clothing, please). Low on inventory? Ask your neighbors! Bring your items along on Sundays, or if they're too many or too large, call Steve or Nancy Hall at (301) 627-4676 to arrange for a pick-up at your convenience. September 24 is the cut-off date for donations. Thanks for your support.


The Jr. ACRY had their election of officers last Sunday at their meeting.

The new Officers of the parish ACRY Chapter are:

President Alex Krynitsky

Past President Rachel Koval

Vice President Stephanie Krynitsky

Treasurer Alex Breno

Secretary Philip Breno

Publicity Directors Angela Sudik

Paul Zdinak

The new officers took the oath of office today during the Liturgy. God Grant them Many Years!


The nationally sponsored ACRY Lots-O-Luck Calendars are available. Proceeds aid the Diocesan Mission Fund. Please see Sheila Hrapchak for the calendars.


Remember to take empty candles home to recycle.

Bagged Lunches

The Social Concerns Committee will be making up bagged lunches on Sunday, October 01, following the Divine Liturgy. The lunches will be for the homeless shelter in Rockville. We can help support the local homeless shelter in this way by aiding the shelter in supplying for the daily needs of those they minister to each day. Everyone is invited to help with this project. Please see Georgene Ammon if you have any questions about the project.

ACRY Annual

Sponsors are being gathered for the 2007 ACRY Annual. If you would like to be a Patron or Booster or have your business place an ad in the Annual, please see a member of the ACRY.


Jr. ACRY will be going to Homestead Farm in Poolesville on October 08, after the Liturgy. The farm has a corn maze, hay rides, and farm animals. Everyone is welcome to come along for the fun.

Icon Workshop

Colette Kalvesmaki who has taught iconography for fourteen years will be offering workshops in September and October. The first at Saint Nicholas Cathedral in Washington, D.C., and the second at Nativity of our Lord in Manassas, V.A. The dates and details are listed on a flyer posted in the hall.

Parish Council Meeting

The Parish Council will have a meeting today.

ACRY Encounter

This year's Youth Encounter Weekend is November 10-12, being held at Camp Nazareth. The Encounter is sponsored by the National JR. ACRY, and it is open to all diocesan youth and friends ages 8-18. The weekend's activities will include time for prayer, spiritual learning, recreation, arts and crafts and more. The cost is $50 per person. For more information, please email Rachel Pribish To register please email Amy Oblinsky, National Junior ACRY Advisor

Thank You

On behalf of the Clergy Association I would like to thank Ray & Georgene Ammon and Marge Tomasevich for preparing and serving the luncheon for the September Clergy Meeting. God Bless.

Financial Report For Sunday

September 17, 2006

Weekly Offering--------------------------- 1,195.00

Candles--------------------------------------- 334.00

Dues------------------------------------------ 130.00

Church Rental-------------------------------- 150.00

Improvement Fund---------------------------- 30.00

Mortgage Reduction Fund------------------- 185.00

Grocery Fund---------------------------------- 32.00

Total----------------------------------------- 2056.00

Altar Candles

Happy Birthday Blessings to Granddaughter Stephanie Kovacs, Love Baba & Grandpa

Altar Flowers

Happy Birthday Blessings to Granddaughter Stephanie Kovacs, Love Baba & Grandpa

Eternal Light

Happy Birthday Blessings Martha with All My Love Rudy

Vigil Candles


1+Healing & Recovery Metropolitan Nicholas-Love Tom & Ann

1+Healing & Recovery Tom-Love Ann

1+Healing & Recovery Granddaughter Becky-Love Baba & Dedi

1+Healing & Recovery Brother Fr. Ronald-Love Tom & Ann

1+Healing & Recovery Sister Mary-Love Tom & Ann

1+Healing & Recovery Dena & Glen Feagley-Love Tom & Ann

1+Healing & Recovery Martha, Rudy, & Karen-Tom & Ann

1+Healing & Recovery Les Miller-Love Tom & Ann

1+Healing & Recovery Carol Miller-Love Tom & Ann

1+Healing & Recovery Mary Kesselak-Love Tom & Ann

1+Healing & Recovery Fred, Barbara & Matthew Muhlenberg-Love Tom & Ann

1+Healing & Recovery Steve Sheftic-Love Tom & Ann

1+Healing & Recovery Elaine Buchko-Tom & Ann

1+Healing & Recovery Mary Kraynok-Tom & Ann

1+Mom Kraynok-John & Sheila

1+Mom Hrapchak-John & Sheila

1+Les Miller-John & Sheila

1+Steve & Grace Sheftic-John & Sheila

1+Kormanik Family-John & Sheila

1+Boyd Family-John & Sheila

1+Tom & Ann Thear-John & Sheila

1+Mike & Elaine Buchko-John & Sheila

1+Mary Ann Muchesko-John & Sheila

1+Lois Erhard-John & Sheila

1+Rose Zdinak-John & Sheila

1+Steve-Grace Nov 12

1+& Healing Irene Dzubak-The Kormanik’s

1+& Healing Tom & Ann Thear-The Kormanik’s

1+& Healing John Hudack-The Kormanik’s

1+& Healing Steve Sheftic-The Kormanik’s

1+& Healing Mary Kesselak-The Kormanik’s

1+& Healing Anna Hrapchak-The Kormanik’s

1+& Healing Elaine Buchko-The Kormanik’s

1+Mary Ann Muchesko-The Kormanik’s

1+& Healing Mike Hall-The Kormanik’s

1+& Healing Mary Kraynok-The Kormanik’s

1+Karen-Mom & Dad

1+Dave-Mom & Dad

1+Mary Mihelcic-Chris Hudack

1+Mike & Mary Strongosky-Chris Hudack

1+Kay Surak-Chris Hudack

1+Helen Crowley-Chris Hudack

1+Anne Petronick-Chris Hudack

1+Rudy, Martha, & Karen-Chris & John Hudack

1+Elaine Buchko-Chris & John Hudack

1+Steve & Grace Sheftic-Chris & John Hudack

1+Mary Kesselak-Chris & John Hudack

1+Mary Kraynok-Chris & John Hudack

1+Lois Erhard-Marge Tomasevich

1+Elaine Buchko-Marge Tomasevich

1+Mary Ann Muchesko-Marge Tomasevich

1+Rudy, Martha, & Karen-Marge Tomasevich

1+Carol & Les Miller-Marge Tomasevich

1+Savannah, Chloe, Caroline, Christopher, Natalie, & Cole-Grandparents


1+Our Families-Breno Family

1+Cyndi & Baby-Breno Family

1+Mary Ann Muchesko-Marie & Michael Skasko

1+Elaine Buchko-Marie & Michael Skasko

1+& Safe Return Jonathan Hill-Cyndi Dzubak & Family March 2007

1+Parents/Grandparents Michael & Elaine-Love Alex, Melanie, Jonathan, & Stephanie

1+Parents/Grandparents John & Katherine-Love Alex, Melanie, Jonathan, & Stephanie

1+Mom, Dad, & Karen-Love, Michele, Dave, David, & Daniel

1+Mom, Dad-Love, Michele, Dave, David, & Daniel

1+Nonnie & Papa-Love Michael III

1+Mom & Dad-Love Michael, Jr.

1+Mother/Baba-Mark, Marie, Angela, & Stephen

1+Ma/Nana-Mark, Marie, Angela, & Stephen

1+Tom & Ann Thear-Mark, Marie, Angela, & Stephen

1+Terri Pearson-Mark, Marie, Angela, & Stephen

1+Robin Beard-Mark, Marie, Angela, & Stephen

1+Healing Dad -Fr. Miles & Pañi Liz

1+Healing Grandpap-Paul & Juliana

1+Mom/Grandma-Fr. Miles, Liz, Paul, & Juliana

1+Healing Aunt Mary-Fr. Miles, Liz, Paul, & Juliana

1+Dad-Theresa Krizman

In Loving Memory

1+Mother and Daddy-Carol and Les 2006

1+Pañi Jeannette-Fallons 2006

1+John Luchok-Fallons 2006

1+Sister-in-law Pañi Dolores-Love Tom & Ann

1+Brother John & Sister-in-law Dorothy-Love Tom & Ann

1+Sister-in-law Helen & Son George David-Love Tom & Ann

1+Mike Koshuta-Love Tom & Ann

1+Bob Tobin-Love Tom & Ann

1+Ed Kraynok-Love Tom & Ann

1+Mark & Andy Kesselak-Love Tom & Ann

1+Charles Hrapchak-John & Sheila

1+Evelyn Hrapchak-John & Sheila

1+Dad Kraynok-John & Sheila

1+Sue Hnat-John & Sheila

1+Parents-Chris Hudack

1+Eben Trevino-Chris & John Hudack

1+Grandpa Stephen Fedornock on the anniversary of his falling asleep in the Lord-Breno Family

1+Mary Skasko-Marie & Michael Skasko

1+Eleanor Skasko-Marie & Michael Skasko

1+Grandma & Grandpa-Love Michael, Jr. & Michael III

1+Gram & Grampy-Love Michael, Jr. & Michael III

1+Uncle Dan-Love Michael, Jr. & Michael III

1+Uncle Mike-Love Michael, Jr. & Michael III

1+Rosemary-Love Michael, Jr. & Michael III

1+Gram-Charlie, Debi, Jacob, & Joey

Birthday Blessings


1+Stephanie Kovacs-Love, Aunt Michele, Uncle Dave, David, & Daniel

1+Mom Kormanik-Love, Michele, Dave, David, & Daniel

1+Mom/Grandma-Charlie, Debi, Jacob, & Joey

1+Bryan Kost-Charlie, Debi, Jacob, & Joey

1+Debi Myers-Mark, Marie, Angela, & Stephen

Special Intentions

1+John & Sheila-Tom & Ann

1+Rose Zdinak-Tom & Ann

1+Dolores & John Acurio-Love Tom & Ann

1+Nephew George, & son Alexander, 9th Birthday-Love Uncle Tom & Aunt Anna

1+Godson Justin, God’s Safety & Protection-Love Godfather Tom & Godmother Ann

1+Fr. Miles & Family-Love Tom & Ann

1+Irene Dzubak-Tom & Ann

1+Chris & John Hudack-Tom & Ann

1+Mark, Marie, Angela, & Stephen-Tom & Ann

1+Fr. Miles & Family-John & Sheila

1+Fr. Nectarios & Pañi Diane-John & Sheila

1+Fr. Edgington & Family-John & Sheila

1+Fr. Wyborski & Family-John & Sheila

1+Delare Family-John & Sheila

1+Parish College Students-John & Sheila

1+Chris & Aaron-John & Sheila

1+Sisters of the Desert-John & Sheila

1+Irene Dzubak-The Kormanik’s

1+John & Sheila-The Kormanik’s

1+John & Chris-The Kormanik’s

1+Marge Tomasevich-The Kormanik’s

1+Rose Plowchin-The Kormanik’s

2+Chris Hudack

1+Illiano Family-Breno Family

1+Chris & Kids-Breno Family

1+Mother/Grandmother Elaine-Love Alex, Melanie, Jonathan, & Stephanie

1+Mother/Grandmother Katherine-Love Alex, Melanie, Jonathan, & Stephanie

1+David-Love, Mom

In Sympathy

1+Father & Pañi Nectarios-Chris & John Hudack

Thank You

1+Father Miles-Chris Hudack

Safe Travel

1+Chrysa-Love Mom & Dad

1+Liz & Jessica-Breno Family

The Nativity of Our Most Holy Lady the Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary

September 8/21

Tropar in the Fourth Tone

Your birth, O Theotokos, brought joy to the whole world, for from you dawned the sun of righteousness, Christ our God. Freeing us from the curse, He gave us His blessings. Abolishing death, He granted us eternal life.

Kontak in the Fourth Tone

In your holy birth, Immaculate One, Joachim and Anna were rid of the shame of childlessness; Adam and Eve of the corruption of death. And so your people, free of the guilt of their sins, celebrate crying: "The barren one gives birth to the Theotokos, who nourishes our life."

According to the ancient tradition of the Church, the Theotokos was born of barren and aged parents, Joachim and Anna, about the year 16 or 17 before the birth of Christ. Joachim was descended from the royal line of David, of the tribe of Judah. Anna was of the priestly tribe of Levi, a daughter of the priest Matthan and Mary, his wife.